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Aww! Have you WI ladies seen this? Some WFB natives just sent this clip to me of a little Whitefish Bay slam on the new Napoleon Dynamite show. (Apparently the writer of the sketch is from the Bay so I’m sure it was meant in part to be a shout-out, not a total diss.)

For the non-natives, Whitefish Bay is a suburb of Milwaukee where my husband grew up and Amanda has family there as well. It’s actually a pretty nice place along Lake Michigan, in my totally biased opinion. Love, Nik

Wisconsin is the most romantic state

Weird data factoid of the day: According to Redbox LaCrosse, Wisconsin is the #1 ‘Most Romantic City.’ (Now, they based this on the number of romantic comedies rented in 2011 so I’m not exactly sure that is the most accurate title... perhaps it means the opposite?

Regardless, thought I’d share that little tidbit for you fellow Wisconsinites. Love, Nik